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be an enthusiast of life. if you are interested in something, go at it with full speed. embrace it, hug it, love it and become passionate about it. lukewarm is no good. white hot and passionate is the only thing to be.
— roald dahl


[photography by the uber talented bermé jordaan]

hey, i'm katie

i love human connection, cups of java and lord of the rings. plants and drift wood installations cover the interior of my apartment. i live in the heart of boston with my best friend slash one fine fiancé. we live among our vinyl records and old camera collection, with fresh pizza and cannoli just a stone's throw away. we’re saving a couch spot for our future dog, shire. i love whiskey, joshua tree and flea markets.

my philosophy

as a photographer, i'm drawn to storytelling and unapologetic emotion. i love what i do because this business is personal. i get to work with real people and turn their stories into real art. it's a total honor. the majority of my clients have open, wild hearts and crave artistry. whether it's a family, engagement or wedding - my clients want a different kind of photography experience and that's what I seek to deliver. aesthetically, my goal is to create rich, soulful imagery that you can share with your loved ones for generations.

where you can find me

i'm based in new england but will gladly jump on a plane to come photograph you. available for wedding, couple, portrait, branding and family coverage. let's meet over java or vino or doughnuts and see where our creativity leads.


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