i'm twenty-three years old now.  yes, it's true.

there are a few things i assumed i would have by twenty-three:

1.  solid career.  nope.

2.  boyfriend.  nope.

3.  money.  nope.

4.  college degree.  yes, actually.  in anything significant?  nope.

there are also a few things i had no clue i would have by twenty-three:

1.  a personal website.  yes, i'm one of those people.

2.  a massive coffee mug collection.  seriously, it's true.

3.  a meatless diet.

4.  a fancy yoga mat.

and while there are numerous things i never amounted to becoming:

1.  soccer player

2.  storm chaser

3.  secret agent

there certain things that have continued to make me very happy:

1.  god

2.  family and friends

3.  food

4.  dogs

5.  ice cream in the freezer

6.  sunday waffles

7.  great books

8.  free yoga

9.  weekend things

10.  new running shoes

as of right now, i'm still in the process of discovering what it is exactly i want to do.  and frankly, the same is true for discovering the kind of person i want to be, though i think i have a pretty good idea.  but there is one thing I’ve learned:  you become like the people you surround yourself with.  so choose wisely.

so my thoughts for the future:

1.  plans change.  all too frequently.  learn to adapt and grow.

2.  meaning is found everywhere.

3.  help more, play more, love more.

4.  chill.

5.  meal times are family times.  eat with those that make you feel full.

6.  appreciate the moment you are in.

7.  be happy with who you are and what you are doing.

8.  and chocolate is never a bad decision