what is an engagement or couples session?

engagement sessions are a time for you to show your loved ones how and when your relationship began and who you are as a couple. it is a time for intimacy, openness and playfulness. your session can be as simple as strolling through your favorite park, an early morning dip in the ocean, an in-home session, or climbing up a mountain to catch those last few rays of sunshine.

how does an engagement session work?

first, we set up a time to have a consultation. i'll happily meet you over java/tea/vino/donuts. we decide on a location, date and time for your session. since the time of hiring, i'll be there with you to help you plan, offer suggestions, and make sure your session is truly awesome. i approach your session as a friend and a professional, not just your hired help.

for the most part, i set out to photograph candid moments and a few classic poses (honestly because they are just so freaking beautiful), but of course my main goal is to capture your style, candidness and personality.

what happens during our session?

it's shoot day! while you enjoy your time with your fiance, i am scouting your chosen location for gorgeous light, nice backdrops and good framing. do NOT feel anxious about posing or being in front of the camera. remember, this is suppose to be a fun, relaxed and an intimate time to share between the two of you.

and if the anxieties won't quit, i'll happily provide nips and/or whatever other necessities!

what can we do with our photos? can we post them on social media?

these photos can be used for personal use, both formal and informal. add them to your wedding album or guestbook on your special day. use them for your save-the-dates, invitations or thank you notes. and of course, they look awesome framed in your home.

duh, i love social media. once your photos are delivered and downloaded, we now share the rights and you can use them for whatever personal use you'd like. i just ask that you don't edit or add filters to them since I've already done all of the editing for you. and if you give me photo credit, i'll love you forever always.

what about clothing? should we bring props? we really love our dog.

it's always great to bring two outfits to your engagement session. my best tip? color coordinate without "matching." clothing choices should reflect your personality, chosen location and aesthetic so it's important to know your vision for the session. it's also common to choose a theme that incorporates the season, your favorite things, etc.

adding props is a plus! if something has meaning, bring it to your session.i once photographed a couple who met playing soccer so they brought a ball to play with. want flowers? go for it. want to bring your dog? even better.

what about fees, cancellations or rescheduling?

i request a retainer, or "booking fee", before your session. it is 30% of your total cost and is non-refundable. if you need to reschedule a session (i.e. weather, sickness, etc.) i'm happy to accommodate to your schedule but request at least 24 hours notice. if you choose to cancel your session, there's no additional charge but please note you will not be refunded the retainer fee.