my work

Kate + Jimmie // Peterborough, New Hampshire

Kate and Jimmie are such genuine, hospitable and loving people. They are also totally up for anything. During the session, we foraged rivers and hiked trails all over New Hampshire to capture the most scenic spots. Of course, our session was filled with coop market sandwiches, lots of hot coffee and flannel shirts.

owen, frankie, toby + rex // martha's vineyard, ma

In July, I had the opportunity to photograph cousins and brothers Owen, Frankie, Toby and Rex. I thought it was fitting for me to document them running around the beach. The session was totally unplanned and awesome. Thanks for the little smooches, smiles and sandy tushies.

Mia + Luke // NYC, NYC

Mia + Luke have that eye-gazing, tender and committed kind of love for each other. Makes sense, since they met in middle school.


ashley + adam // boston, ma

Ashley + Adam met four years ago in PA school. Now they are engaged, saving lives, planning a wedding and moving to Colorado. The ultimate love duo.


calvin // boston, ma

Calvin is one year old. He is tough, explorative, curious, loves Bruno Mars and has hair that make adult women cry. Bonus: He looks fabulous in hats.


claire // brookline, ma

Meet this little girl. Her name is Claire. She's gorgeous, isn't she? Claire loves milk, being swaddled, grabbing things (especially her mama's hair), and being held.


engagement // rockport, ma

These two friends posed for me in a mini styled session. I felt like I was watching a Nicholas Sparks movie unfold. Both braved the snow and the cold and I'm glad they did. Magic happened.


tiffany + co // boston, ma

Earlier this month, I had an amazing collaboration with Tiffany & Co. at their Newbury Street store. Nothing like diamonds and Christmas music to put you in the holiday spirit.


britt + andrew // boston, ma

Their story began at college. She was from Ohio. He was from Georgia. He saw her from across the room at a party. She turned, their eyes locked and the rest is history.

lindy + Michael // Cape cod, ma

Lindy + Michael are kind and full of laughter and love: They kind enjoy life, don't take themselves too seriously and feed off of each other's energy.


hare wedding // providence, ri

 It was such a joy being able to capture James and Melissa's contagious humor and amazing love for each other, their close friends and family. 


carly // boston, ma

Boudoir sessions have become a wild obsession of mine. I loved celebrating Carly's beautiful body and shining personality.


nastia liukin // boston, ma

Meet Nastia. I met her a few weeks ago for coffee and have since been in awe of her. She's a talented gymnast, entrepreneur, model and spokesperson. She's also so fun, sweet and lovely.


cooper // boston, ma

This is Cooper and he totally has his parents' attention. Our session was full of dirty diapers, laughable moments and loving stares. It is clear his mama and papa are over the moon about him.


jessica + charlie // boston, ma

Meet Jessica and Charlie. They caught each other's eyes at a Fraternity party in 2011. Five years later, they are engaged and living in the cutest apartment every Bostonian dreams about.


shake the tree // boston, ma

A few weeks ago, I walked into a cute boutique, Shake the Tree, in the North End and was welcomed by all things handmade, darling, sophisticated and chic.

Ryan + charlotte // boston, ma

It was a gorgeous summer morning spent with two sisters and their two kids: doughnut-filled Ryan and eager-faced Charlotte.


crane estate styled shoot

This shoot was inspired by the beauty, intellect and fiery gusto of one Miss Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen's all-to-famous work, Pride and Prejudice.


heart + sole // boston, ma

I recently partnered with local North End boutique, Heart and Sole, to photograph a few favorite looks for the Spring.


mika + john // elopement

Mika + John are two are the most relaxed couple I've ever met. We met at city hall, wandered around the city together and sipped some seriously delicious apple cider.


niv + laura // boston, ma

Meet Niv and Laura. They didn't stop smiling at each other their entire engagement session. From sitting by the docks to strolling through the park, their happiness never ceased. 


shivangi + parth // boston, ma

Long distance can be tricky and hard. It's not often you meet a couple that makes it look easy. Cue: Shivangi and Parth. They are fun, playful and so in love.


vidushi + girry // boston, ma

Vidushi and Girdhar's engagement session took place at an abandoned little church in central Massachusetts. The rain didn't spoil the fun. It was a dark and romantic kind of day.