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a thing that you see in my pictures is that I am not afraid to fall in love with these people.
— annie leibovitz

the ambedo collection

starts at $4,900.00

10 hours of coverage

one in-person consultations

engagement session

venue walk through

second photographer

high resolution online gallery

special gift

the sonder collection

starts at $3,900.00

8 hours of coverage

one in-person consultation

engagement session

second photographer

high resolution online gallery

the meraki collection

starts at $2,900.00

6 hours of coverage

one in-person consultation

high resolution online gallery

a la carte 

pricing varies

additional hours

second photographer

venue walk through

engagement session

flash drive

20-page album

(all wedding services are subject to Massachusetts or local sales tax)


so you're getting hitched. congrats!

every weekend, i get to witness real love and curate that love into a story. it's totally humbling. i'll be the first to say, weddings are fascinating, yet unpredictable: there are so many facets, emotions, and memories that play a huge role in making the day come alive. it's my job to capture the moments that unfold naturally and document your day beautifully.

on your wedding day, i won't just be the girl with a whole lot of camera equipment awkwardly taking photos and making small talk. i'll be laughing with you guys, bonding with the bridal party, loving on the grandparents and dancing once my job is done.

let's push the boundaries and go on this beautiful journey together. it would be an absolute honor to document your wedding day.

frequently asked questions

k great. we're interested in your services. how do we get the process started?



first off, congrats on the wedding. i'm so thankful you've chosen me to capture your day. if you haven't sent me an email, please do so at

once we get chatting, we'll set up a consultation because you deserve a photographer that fits exactly what you need. i hope to offer you more than just a service: i want to offer you an experience that truly reflects your love. you'll receive a photography contract in your inbox outlining the collection you've chosen and a model release. once that's signed and the deposit is paid, you're officially a part of my photography family!


no two couples are the same and neither are the packages i offer: all three vary from coverage time, pricing and a la carte options. see below:

the ambedo collection: this package describes the little moments that remind us how fragile and beautiful life is. on your wedding day, it's my job to help you slow down and enjoy each moment and to capture them so you can look back on your images with nostalgia and thankfulness. this collection includes 9-10 hours of coverage, an engagement session, second shooter, a special gift, etc.

the sonder collection: this package describes the realization that every person has a life as vivid and complex as your own - populated with their own routines, interests and experiences. this package serves as a reminder that the love you share with your partner is deep, raw, and a reflection of your lifelong commitment to each other. this is the most popular collection and includes 8 hours of coverage, an engagement session, second shooter, etc.

the meraki collection: this package describes that when you love something, or someone, so much you leave a piece of yourself in it. i am so passionate about the work i do. just as you'll throw yourself into your steadfast love and share it with others, i promise my creativity and talent will be reflected in your wedding day images. this collection includes 6 hours of coverage and any additional services you'd like to add on.

lastly, you can add any individual service a la carte style to your package.

tell me about your wedding collections. how are they different? which one is the most popular?


i can if you'd like! about half my clients request a second photographer to help document their day. it's great to have two sets of hands on location to document each moment from every angle. second shooters are included in the ambedo and sonder collections, and can be added a la carte style to the meraki collection.

do you shoot with a second photographer?


do you travel? if so, are there travel fees?

absolutely! i'm based in boston but will gladly jump in a car/bus/plane to come photograph you. there's no "travel" fee for wedding less than three hours from boston (driving). there is a "bed fee" for locations that are 2+ hours away or outside the state of massachusetts. if you are inquiring about a location where flying is required, please email me.


i don't photoshop or alter the images of you in any way. i have faith that the quality of my work will reflect the beauty and realness of your day.

do you photoshop?


all images will be uploaded to a beautiful online gallery. there is no fee for your digital downloads. i do offer rad wedding albums for an additional cost (please note massachusetts sales tax will be added to any tangible service or product).

nope. i understand the cost of wedding photography and have no reason to promote my business on the front of your beautiful gallery. the images are your memories and are meant to be shared with family and friends, without my logo plastered all over it!

how will the images from our wedding day be delivered? will they come with a watermark?


i request a retainer, or "booking fee", before your session. it is 30% of your total cost and is non-refundable. if you need to reschedule a session (i.e. weather, sickness, etc.) i'm happy to accommodate to your schedule but request at least 24 hours notice. if you choose to cancel your session, there's no additional charge but please note you will not be refunded the retainer fee.

what about fees, cancellations or rescheduling?